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Hi, I’m Janine Dobe! I live in Racine City, Wisconsin, United States of America. I have been working with Fully Researched for four years now since March 2008. I do not just write for money, but I write with the desire to provide good articles and information for everyone.

Truly, I am a thoughtful girl who works hard not just for self-gain but I’m not a Samaritan though. I am dedicated in volunteering in Non-Government Organizations (NGOs) and make use of my time with them through writing articles that help promote their advocacy. But aside from doing this, I am also into playing tennis and I enjoy doing it with my friends.

I was not into writing not until I attended Fully Researched classes in our place. Fully Researched, which provides a free and non-profit online class with physical workshops on how to write and blog for money, helped me develop my writing skills and use the English language fluently in writing.







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